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For healthy hair:
a step-by-step & wash-and-go’s

This guide is to help you achieve healthy, long, natural hair!
At Natural Intentions, we want you to have a great experience along the way on your
natural hair journey. We love to educate on the proper techniques and share the tips and
tools for success when it comes to achieving confidence and ease in managing your hair.



1. Wash with moisturizing sulfate free shampoo or Cowash
2. Condition every time you wash. Deep condition once a week for at least 15 mins.
3. You will apply all products in 2 inch sections starting at the nape of your neck then work your way up.
4. Apply leave in conditioner (make sure the hair is soaking wet while applying all products,
rewet hair if necessary)
5. Apply Aloe Vera Gel or Coiling Custard
6. Use your fingers to rake through hair or finger coil
7. Let air dry or diffuse



• Once or twice a week slightly dampen hair with water based leave-in spritz and use moisture rich oils
from roots to ends (Jojoba, Olive, Grape-seed Oil, Or Soul Ingredients Heavenly Hair Oil)
• When detangling hair make sure you are finger detangling or use a wide tooth comb.
• Always apply a leave in conditioner or cream to help prevent breakage while detangling.
• Wear a satin or silk scarf to protect hair at night.
You can also use a satin or silk pillow case for sleeping.
• In the morning, use leave-in spritz and light oil (when needed) or leave-in cream conditioner. If you
want more curl definition (hair should be slightly damp before using leave-in conditioner).
• Wearing a Bun or ponytail daily (if you are trying to train your curls) is not suggested, but if so make
sure you take it down daily to detangle and moisturize.


• Cowash 2 times a week
• Deep condition for at least 20 minutes once a week
if you can’t do that long on a weekly basis – 5 mins will do
• Use clarifying shampoo once every two weeks

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September 9, 2018