Basic Hair Care and Styling 101 for Busy Mothers

Target audience: Mothers and young children ages 1-10

“Patience is a virtue; remember to be in the moment with your children. Time with them goes by so fast…”- Kimberly Wright

Frustrated and discouraged when trying to comb through your little one’s hair? Not sure which products or tools you should be using while grooming their hair? Interested in learning quick, easy, and beneficial techniques for natural hair? Want to make grooming time with your child more fun, and less of a chore?

Come learn with me! I have 20 years of experience in the natural hair care industry; plenty of practice with young children of all ages; and I’m a mother of an adorable little toddler with a head full of natural coils! She is the inspiration and muse for this informational course.


My Mommy and Me class is designed for busy moms (like myself), who are constantly on the go. Those mothers whom desire to keep their little ones hair healthy, while incorporating quality time. Learn to design your daughter’s hair using pain- free methods that have been proven to maintain healthy hair and optimizes hair growth. You will learn and have fun with your little one at the same time!

    Objectives for the course:
    • Safe and easy ways to shampoo your toddler’s hair
    • How to comb out coils without causing pain
    • How to preserve your babies edges
    • Product knowledge; what is the best hair regimen for your baby
    • Three easy and quick styles you can do at home: Flat cornrows, curly Q bangs, and finger curls

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