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Chakra Support Trio: Crown

Three is a magic number!
Use this Chakra support trio to align, open, and tune in with your energy centers.

Crown Tea
Get In tune with your higher self and elevate your consciousness. Seep this amazing blend to help bring your nervous system into a calm and peaceful state.

Crown Superfood Powder
When the 7th chakra is in harmony we live in the knowledge of unity, the idea that we are all connected. We understand that we are individual reflections of the Divine.
This berry infused herbal blend is serving all kinds of health benefits from the inside out.
Organic Maqui berry, Acai berry, Pitaya, Blueberry Extract, Goji Berry.

Manifesting/Prayer Candle
Frankincense and Rose essential oils reduce stress, improve concentration, and memory when channeling your higher self. Use this beautiful candle to ground yourself in prayer or meditation, decorate your alter, use in a crown chakra healing ceremony, or just decorate your space with its beauty!
• 45 hour burn time
• 4" Glass container