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Chakra Support Trio: Root

Three is a magic number!
Use this Chakra support trio to align, open, and tune in with your energy centers.

Root Chakra Tea
Connect to nature, feel grounded, and trust in the natural laws and flow of life. This blend brings relief from stress and anxiety. Feel warm and cozy inside as you sip this blend, making you feel at home no matter where you are.
Jasmine leaves, green tea, cranberries, marigold, oranges, cinnamon

Root Superfood Powder
Looking for a coffee replacement? You have found it!
Benefits: Fatigue + Gut health + Adrenal support
Ingredients: Rishi mushroom, Siberian chaga mushroom, Ashwagandha, Cacao, Burdock root, Vietnamese cinnamon.

Manifesting/Prayer Candle
Enjoy the scent of vetiver essential oil and watch as the garnet and red agate crystals dance to the candle flame. Use this beautiful candle to ground yourself in prayer or meditation, decorate your alter or use in a root chakra healing ceremony.
• 45 hour burn time
• 4" Glass container