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Chakra Support Trio: Sacral

There is power in threes!
Use this Chakra support trio to align, open, and tune in with your energy centers.

Sacral Chakra Tea
Get in touch with your feelings of pleasure and abundance. Steep a cup when you need to feel centered and want to heal and reconnect with this chakra.
Ginger root, lemon peel, orange peel, and hibiscus

Sacral Superfood Powder
This is the perfect chai blend with health benefits!
Benefits: Fiber Rich + Emotional Balance + Brain Health
Ingredients: Rose powder, Lucuma, Lions Mane, Chai Blend, Mucuna, Vietnamese cinnamon.

Manifesting/Prayer Candle
Sensual scents of sandalwood and sweet orange bring pleasure to your sense of smell. Use this beautiful candle to ground yourself in prayer or meditation, decorate your alter, use in a chakra healing ceremony, or just decorate your space with its beauty!
• 45 hour burn time
• 4" Glass container