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Chakra Support Trio: Third Eye

Three is a powerful number!
Use this Chakra support trio to align, open, and tune in with your energy centers.

Third Eye Tea
Allow your intuitive feelings to guide your decisions and learn to trust yourself.
Blue Lotus flowers, Mugwort, Blueberry, Tulsi, Catnip

Third Eye Superfood Powder
When the Third eye is balanced, we invite intuition and awareness into everyday aspects of life.
Benefits: Age Defining + Immunity Booster
Organic Hibiscus, Triphala, pomegranate, Lucuma, Baboab, Camu Camu.

Manifesting/Prayer Candle
Patchouli, Sandlewood, and vanilla ease feelings of depression open up centers of clarity and promote positive thinking. Use this beautiful candle to ground yourself in prayer or meditation, decorate your alter, use in a third eye chakra healing ceremony, or just decorate your space with its beauty!
• 45 hour burn time
• 4" Glass container