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Chakra Tea: Movin' on Up - 4 Upper Chakras

Do you feel lost in your thoughts? Perhaps, caught up in negative mental self-talk or feelings of alienation, confusion or even depression. This may be because your upper chakras are unbalanced.

Taken as a whole, the Upper Chakras govern the relation between mind and body, but individually they govern psychic ability and self expression. Your Upper Chakras deal with things from emotions, psychic abilities to your connection to the divine. They also rule the mind and communication. These are non-physical aspects of ourselves and less grounding than the Lower Chakras.

This special box of teas all relate to your upper chakras + the heart. The teas that are included support the following chakras.

Chakra 4: The Heart
The right associated with this chakra is “to love and be loved.”
We are all interconnected through our hearts. It is the space for love and compassion - for others and ourselves.
Chakra 5: The Throat
The right associated with this chakra is the “right to speak your truth.”
Chakra 6: The Third Eye
The right associated with this chakra is the “right to trust our intuition.”
Chakra 7: The Crown
The right associated with this chakra is the “right to live in harmony.”

Included within this box:

• 2 oz jar of honey
• Tea strainer for loose tea
• Edible flowers that can 'bloom' in your tea as you let it seep
• Dried fruit to include in your tea
• Honey spoon
• Honey Herbal Lollipop* that can be used as a stir

*Ingredients: Honey, clove, lemon and wild flowers