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Let's Get Started! Our Spices Starter Kit

Grab one of our Spice Starter Kits to get your food tasting satisfying, tasty, and flavorful. No more boring broccoli! Spice up your life and try any of these on your favorite veg or mix it in with a meal.
You'll love these mixes:

American - You can't go wrong with this ~ next level your dishes with this smoky spiciness.

Italian - A twist on a classic spice blend - you'll love using this salt-free version of the signature flavors.

Caribbean - One of Kimberly's favorites perfect for pizza, quesadillas or even lasagna for a little island kick!

Mexican - A little spicy somethin' for your pasta, salads, fish, poultry, or popcorn!

Cuban Mojo - Don't be afraid to add a little mojo! This well-balanced combo is full of flavor with garlic, spicy chilies, plus tangy orange and lime to take your dishes to the next level!

Each comes in a 4.0oz bag ready to mix it up in your kitchen!