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$15.00 - $25.00

Sacred Smoke: One Love - Heart Chakra Blend

Fair trade, organic ceremonial blends, additive free.
Use as ceremonial blends, smoke for relaxation, stress relief, anxiety support, use to taper off of nicotine. Smoking herbs has been a practice in ancient indigenous cultures for thousands of years as a way to connect with ancestors, your higher self, and to ward off negative energy. Set an intention and connect with mother earth on a deeper level. Enjoy!

Relive anxiety and stress and allow the heart chakra to open to cultivate a deeper connection to self. Supports respiratory system.

10 rolls per container

Rose Petals
Blue Corn flowers
Red Raspberry
Calendula flowers
African Wormwood

Warning: Not for sale to minors. Do no operate heavy machinery. May cause allergic reactions. Do not use if your pregnant or nursing.