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Salt-free Spice 5-pack

Salt-free Spice 5-pack

Want the flavors without the salt? We've got the mix for you!
Try any one of these on your veggies and dishes to bump up the taste!

Vietnamese - Amazing on any vegan dish. Perfect for fish, poultry, salads, or any rice or potato dish!

Moroccan - Bring on the flavors with any stews, rice or vegetarian dishes.

Egyptian - Perfect for grilled meats or stews. Must try this in any of your lentil, grain or bean soups!

Italian - A kicked-up version of a classic. Try this on any baked dishes or just mixed within a salad dressing.

Ethiopian - Great for beans, stews, roasted vegetables or potatoes. It will make your dishes come to life!

Every packet includes 4.0 oz of spices.